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The Best Smartphone iPhone Selfie Pole

Selfie Pole, also you can call it Selfie Stick. There are some of the more offbeat style can refer to, such as convertible angle self stick, can make you energy-saving. Of course, the self although innocent, but still do not let people resent for good.

Perhaps the Selfie Stick sounded some funny, some countries and regions have also banned the use of it in public places, but can not deny it is really very convenient in some time. In the popularity of smart phones today. Not all people will carry a digital camera and tripod, for example, we want to take a photo at the party, put the phone on the selfie stick, you can use front camera easily.

Of course, not all of the selfie stick have a good experience. Their prices vary basically, and the function is different, some of the model provides a Bluetooth connection, so you can use the shutter on the self - rod to achieve the shooting. There are also a number of models to provide a mirror, meaning that let the user to use the effect of better rear camera. So, the purchase of the Smartphone Selfie Stick need to pay attention to what?

First, the Bluetooth version can be considered, but at the same time need to weigh the battery life of the phone. Such as the figure of the man, because the phone is out of power, and the selfie stick and cannot be fixed mobile power, so they came up with bands of stationary solutions. In fact, some of the use of cable connection shutter Mini Selfie Stick in the frequent use of more worthy considerations, after all, it will not consume the phone's power.

In addition, there are some tips for shopping can refer to:

  • Try to choose a solid style of work, at the same time to pay attention to their weight, not too light weight, to ensure that the mobile phone is better stable.
  • ensure that the back clip of the selfie stick has a wider range of compatibility, so don't need to change the phone and can not use.
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The Best Bluetooth Speakers - Portable Shower Bluetooth Speaker

What kind of Speakers is the best? According to people's needs, need take it portable, can support bluetooth, sound quality is better, waterproof, anti fall.Congratulations, you can find such one at here, yes it is Portable Shower Bluetooth Speaker .First, we can view it's pictures:
Perfect waterproof function - Shower Bluetooht Speaker
Suction cup with strong suction
Easy to carry-Portable
Support Bluetooth & Wireless transmission.
Built-in Microphone, enjoying hand-free call.
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Power Bank let the journey without worries

Many students in many areas are close to the holiday, presumably many students have planned to go to the tourism. In order to pass the boring boredom, smart phones, tablet and other equipment is essential for nature. However, the time to play, the battery life has become a big problem, while the trip is extremely inconvenient to charge. This time, a large capacity of the mobile power to serve as the support of the power. With Xiaomi Power Bank , can cause you to enjoy the entertainment in the journey without worries.

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